Thanks for stopping by! My name is Sean Powell. I am 23 years old and currently live about an hour and a half north of Seattle, WA (USA).


Music has been my greatest passion for more than a decade now. Near the end of 2011, I started The Undertownamed as somewhat of an ode to Tool‘s first record. One of my original intentions for the site was to initiate a place where fans of progressive rock and metal could find a vault of bands that sound similar to Tool.

That early vision quickly broadened, and The Undertow became a platform where I could simply share and promote my favorite music without being limited by genre or style. It also gave me the ability to connect with many artists and fans with similar preferences in music.


A couple years later (2013), I started a YouTube page called NewGenerationSlave as an extension to what I was doing through the blog. It helped me reach a larger audience and promote a greater quantity of music much more efficiently. There are almost 2,000 people currently subscribed to that page and that number is complimented by close to a million total views!


Finally, in 2015 I extended my vision for The Undertow to Facebook. The page has been much slower to catch on, but it has been a great way to quickly share smaller updates pertaining to album releases, music videos, tours, and a variety of other news and media.

the modern rock and metal music I was passionate about and connect with other fans and listeners who share. The Undertow is a blog for fans of heavy, progressive, alternative rock and metal.

Present + Future

Fast-forward to 2017 and I am still doing everything I can to keep The Undertow and NewGenerationSlave alive. My taste in music is always evolving and expanding, but overall, my passion is still rooted in modern rock and metal.


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